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Food Storage Jar Seals

Three decades ago, we bought some glass food storage jars, and really enjoyed them. For the last decade or so, though, they’ve sat in the corner of the kitchen as little more than a decoration because the seals have dried up, cracked and allowed the food to spoil. We recently decided to 3D print some […]

Ground Solar, Part VI, Wiring, Connectors and Tools

We’re ready to finally wrap up our series on the ground solar installation we used during Hurricane Matthew to keep our freezer and refrigerators cold. We’ll provide links to all the previous articles at the end of this post as a convenient reference. In this post, we talk about the wiring, connectors and tools used […]

Cat Pill Syringe

Zene doesn’t like taking her pills. Usually, it is a claw fight, and she wins. This time, Audrey took a claw to the mouth. And then we 3D printed the Cat Pill Syringe: Download the STL files: Syringe Plunger