Offers 7 Nov 2016

Saturday’s post about chargers mentioned that our sponsor SoftBaugh might be able to get pricing that would beat Amazon pricing for some items. Here are the latest quotes SoftBaugh is able to provide (in all cases, ground shipping to US locations is included):

Midnite Solar Classic Lite 150 MPPT Charge Controller: SoftBaugh can offer this item for $689. Note that this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Outback, SmartHarvest MPPT Charge Controller, 10A, 100VDC SCCM10-100: SoftBaugh can offer this item for $99.

Outback, SmartHarvest MPPT Charge Controller, 20A, 100VDC, SCCM20-100: SoftBaugh can offer this item for $149.

More from SoftBaugh about these offers:

The distributor has a limited number of these items available, and orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Click this link for contact information for SoftBaugh. We are working on the ability to handle custom orders online, but for now these special orders will have to be processed manually. Although a reasonable effort will be made to verify stock exists before a card is charged, if a credit card is charged and inventory is depleted, the credit card will be refunded and we’ll give you a 5% coupon toward the purchase of any of our normal catalog items.


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