Monthly Archives: January 2016

Building A Simple Pyrolyzer

Check out our step-by-step instructional video on how to build a simple pyrolyzer prototype: Before attempting to build this, be sure to carefully read the safety tips in the previous post: Pyrolyzer Safety Materials used: – A scrap, but new and undamaged, 55 gallon steel barrel, with 2″ and 3/4″ plug holes. – Two 2-foot […]

Pyrolyzer Safety

In the next post, we will show how to build a practical pyrolyzer to turn a pile of wood chips into useful fuel gas. But before we do, this post gives some safety tips for using this or any pyrolyzer. On this site, we show people how to do things for education and entertainment, and […]

Cat Pill Syringe

Zene doesn’t like taking her pills. Usually, it is a claw fight, and she wins. This time, Audrey took a claw to the mouth. And then we 3D printed the Cat Pill Syringe: Download the STL files: Syringe Plunger